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Doxa is a psytrance live act created by Maxime, from Lyon, France.

His psytrance is characterized by aggressive sonorities and floating melodies, inspired by all musical universes but especially metal and classical music. He started music in 2005 and electronic music in 2015 to finally join Sahman Records in 2017.

After few years of hard work and parties, he shared stage with few big names in the psytrance scene like : Astrix, Animato, Imagine Mars, E-Clip, Middle Mode etc..

Always developing his sound, and searching for more creativity, he released his music on some labels like : Transcape Records, Hadra Records, Profound Records, and have collabs with artists like Reversed Logic, Oddwave, Cambium and many more to come ! Doxa project is in constant evolution and prepares you for a long journey.

discography :